Composition with Fulcrum
Duration: c. 8'

In Composition with Fulcrum, I am concerned with the balance between the two hands of the violinist and how they relate to each other. The three main relationships are: left hand dominant, right hand dominant, and both hands together.

The opening has the balance completely weighted towards the left hand. The bow is inconspicuous here, and is very gradually introduced to the piece as the time between bow changes gets shorter. Eventually the right hand bowing catches up to the left hand figuration and the balance between the hands is even - one note per bow. This now begins the second large section of the piece which is weighted more towards the right hand. The rapid figures of the left hand are replaced with more sedentary chords and single notes to which a wide timbral variety is applied by the right hand. Toward the middle of the piece, there are two sections where the two hands are together. A brief section of left hand pizzicato against right hand bowed notes and chords has the hands together, but struggling. A transition then brings the hands together in a more calm and fluid manner. This section combines some of the pitch material from the opening left hand feature with the timbral variety of the right hand feature. The piece ends with a flurry of activity and the hands balanced evenly. This work was written for and is dedicated to Naho Tsutsui. All of her work and time with this piece is so greatly appreciated.