Studies in Light
I: c. 5'
II: c. 3'
III: c. 3'
IV: c. 4'

Studies in Light is an application of the various uses of light, shading, and perspective that I've observed in art forms aside from music (in particular painting, film, and the giant glass chandeliers of Dale Chihuly). The active first movement presents a variety of musical objects cast in different contexts. Two of these objects - the single-note tremolos and resonating strings - are then taken up as the individual subjects of the second and third movements, respectively. While these inner movements are presentations of two different objects, they share a common character and harmonic plan. The final movement recollects many of the piece's harmonic, rhythmic, and gestural ideas and offers a closing reflection on the entire work.



II. (tremolo)

III. (resonance)