Duration: c. 7'

The word “phosphene” refers to the phenomenon of seeing images without light entering the eye, the abstract, constantly changing shapes one sees with the eyes closed, being a common example. While this composition is not programmatic (I titled the piece after writing it), the concept of "seeing" morphing shapes and abstract figures when one's eyes are closed – being acutely aware of what is occurring on the visual plane, despite the absence of light – seemed an appropriate metaphor for how the musical material is treated. Many of the sounds in this piece exist somewhere between pitch and noise (quiet air sounds in the wind instruments, bow effects in the strings, inside the piano effects), or are in some transient state (sliding out of tune, timbrally shifting, etc.). When clear, discernible pitches and gestures begin to coalesce, some obscuring factor eventually interferes. Tracing this often erratic path of sound throughout piece, these obscuring factors begin to take on greater significance, blurring the line between clarity and ambiguity.