m u s i c






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C h a m b e r

Grapheme III after Cy Twombly (2019)
soprano and percussion

Grapheme II after Cy Twombly (2018)
mezzo-soprano and guitar

Grapheme I after Cy Twombly (2017)
soprano and piano

Tension Cycle (2016)
guitar and string quartet

Lacrimosa risoluta (2015)
two pianos and two percussion

frammenti di recitativo  (2013)
flute, clarinet, violin, violoncello, two percussion, piano, guitar

Locus (2012)
horn and violin

Balanced on Two Points (2011)
flute, clarinet, percussion, violin, viola, violoncello

Stereophonic (2010)
two pianos

fluttuazione/attimo (2008)
two pianos and two percussion

Sketched Circle (2008)
violin and piano

Solo/Duo (2002)
violin and piano

Temporal Quartets (2000)
oboe, alto flute, vibraphone, trombone, string quartet, two conductors

S o l o

Veneziana (2014)
violin solo

Fantasies for Piano Solo (2005-2006)

Composition with Fulcrum (2005)
violin solo

Studies in Light (2001/2003)
piano solo

Cigarette Polish (2002)
marimba and vibraphone (one player)

Three Textures (1997)
piano solo

L a r g e   E n s e m b l e

Phosphene (2013)
chamber orchestra

In due time (2003)
for orchestra

Melodie ludowe: Ach moj Jasienko, Jest drozyna Gaik (1999)
for orchestra
orchestrations of works by Lutoslawski

La Cathedrale Engloutie (1997)
for orchestra
orchestration of work by Debussy

C h o r a l

Magnificat (1998)
SATB, piano